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Inclusive. Passionate. Fun.


Sarah Meers

Founder & Director

The Seagull Theatre

Step into the whimsical world of Broad Way Players, where the stage comes alive at The Seagull Theatre in Pakefield! We're not just your average theatre group; we perform musical songs, but in fun and imaginative ways. We're a multi-award-winning community of musical enthusiasts who believe in the power of family, fun, and fabulous performances.

Led by Sarah Meers, our fearless leader with a knack for spotting talent, who honed her skills at the prestigious Italia Conti, Britain's top-notch Performing Arts Academy. With experiences gracing London's dazzling West End, Sarah brings a touch of theatrical brilliance to everything we do and having fun along the way.

At Broad-Way Players, we throw open our arms to all, regardless of ability, because we firmly believe that passion for the arts should be celebrated by one and all. So, whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting to find your spotlight, there's a place for you under our dazzling stage lights!

We're all about nurturing growth and adventure at Broad-Way Players, where we thrive on new experiences and cater to everyone's passions. It's all about dedication, lifting each other up, and, of course, having an absolute blast while we're at it!

But we're not just confined to the stage - oh no! We're deeply involved in our community, partnering up with awesome initiatives, charity organisations and local events. Making a difference is just as important to us as striking a dramatic pose!

If you've ever dreamed of dipping your toes into the thrilling world of amateur theatre but didn't quite know where to begin, fear not! Drop us a line, swing by one of our rehearsals, and let us show you the ropes. With open arms and warm hearts, we're ready to welcome you into our quirky, lovable family!

Broad Way Players

Inclusive. Passionate. Fun.

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